Pennsylvania Special needs changing tables

Looking to add a special needs changing table to your Pennsylvania hospital or nursing home?
As a distributer of Pressalit special needs changing tables, Patient Safety USA carries over 35 models and is here to help you choose the right product.

Special needs changing tables create a safe work environment for both patient and caregiver. For patients, the ergonomic design and optional features such as adjustable head support mean that comfort is not sacrificed for safety. Pennsylvania caregivers appreciate height adjustable special needs changing tables, which mean that the patient can always be placed at an appropriate height. The height adjustable tables also allow for easier transfer to and from a wheelchair, reducing risk of injury to both patient and caregiver.

Our special needs changing table accessories are sure to boost your workspace. Adding a shower head to the special needs changing table allows patients to be bathed while on the table; each table has a built in drainage system to facilitate water removal. Safety rails provide additional security when installed on the special needs changing table.

Hospitals, nursing homes, and rehabilitation facilities across Pennsylvania are already benefitting from Patient Safety USA’s special needs changing tables. Call us today to learn about our tables and find out how they can improve your work environment!

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