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Caregivers across Pennsylvania are loving Patient Safety USA’s Pressalit Pennsylvania shower chairs.

Our Pennsylvania shower chairs include adjustable seat, back and arm rests for a comfortable, personalized experience. Caregiving will be more enjoyable, knowing your patient is optimally positioned for maximum safety and comfort.

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If safety is your number one priority, you will feel good about choosing Patient Safety USA for help with your Pennsylvania shower chair needs. Our shower chairs start with a sturdy seat of plywood core, coated with a comfortable, sanitary polyurethane foam. Adjustable back rests ensure that users will be secure while bathing. Arm rests are also adjustable, and coated in non-slip grip to prevent falls in a wet environment. For more flexibility, consider one of our track mounted shower chairs, allowing users to slide the chair along the horizontal track, giving space for helpers or for tucking the chair away when not in use. Using a Pennsylvania shower seat should not just be a necessity, but an enjoyable, comfortable experience. With easy to use adjustable settings, your patients will find themselves more capable, independent and confident.

Patient Safety USA knows safety equipment, and you know your patient or family member’s requirements. Working together, we are sure to find the right shower chair for your Pennsylvania facility or home. Patient Safety USA is here to help you upgrade your bathroom to include the most ideal Pennsylvania shower chair and seat for your needs.

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