Pennsylvania adult changing tables

We distribute top of the line Pennsylvania adult changing tables to private and public caregiving facilities for elderly, disabled and special needs patients.

Specializing in safe patient handling equipment, Patient Safety USA’s ergonomic adult changing tables provide Pennsylvania caregivers with a safe and secure space for addressing patient needs in any setting - from hospitals and rehabilitation clinics, to schools, assisted living centers, and retirement homes. And with over 38 different models to choose from, our Pennsylvania adult changing tables are uniquely customizable, with features including:

  • Foldable adult changing tables to save space
  • Electric height adjustment for catering to patients of all sizes
  • Sanitary Appliances such as splash guards and washing basins
  • Safety railings, and more.
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We also provide freestanding adult changing tables as well as more permanent wall-mounted units that can be installed in your Pennsylvania home or business.

To select your next adult changing table, be sure to browse our entire catalog of Pennsylvania Adult Changing Tables to ensure you get the table best suited to your needs.

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