NYC Adult Changing Tables

Patient Safety USA is NYC’s premiere distributor for safe patient handling medical equipment and adult changing tables.

Our ergonomically designed adult changing tables provide a secure platform for changing and washing patients and their linens. We supply to facilities in New York City/NYC and offer dozens of adult changing tables at Patient Safety USA. Our Adult Changing Tables can be customized with additional safety equipment depending on your needs, including: safety rails, splash curtains, and more. In addition, many of our NYC adult changing tables can be electrically or manually height adjusted in order to minimize injury to both patients and their caregivers during handling and transferring.

Patient Safety USA provides NYC adult changing tables to private caregivers and public caregiving facilities such as long-term care facilities, hospitals, rehabilitation centers, and nursing homes. All of our adult changing tables are wheelchair accessible (ADA Compliant), and can be retrofit to your home or business.


Designed by the award-winning Danish engineers at Pressalit Care, our NYC adult changing tables never sacrifice form for function - delivering the highest level of performance for patient care in the industry, while remaining aesthetically pleasing and comfortable. If space is an issue, NYC caregivers have the option of selecting one of our foldable adult changing tables that easily tuck away for high-traffic areas.

To view our entire catalog of NYC adult changing tables, please visit our online products page.

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