Maryland wheelchair sinks

We supply top-of-the-line Maryland wheelchair sinks with a range of options bound to suit your needs.

Our specialized Maryland wheelchair sinks have flat bottomed, shallow basins, allowing seated users to fit beneath the sink. With a shorter front-to-back distance, the taps are always easily accessible, even while seated. Our Maryland wheelchair sinks have passed rigorous tests of strength and have been deemed safe for everyday use.

We offer four models of Maryland wheelchair sinks:

  • MATRIX Small: a smaller, rectangular wheelchair sink. With two handrails in the front, this is an ideal choice for when space is limited.
  • MATRIX Large: a larger version of the Small, with two additional handrails, one on either side. Wider borders on either side of the basin leave space to hold bathroom essentials.
  • MATRIX Angle: a larger wheelchair sink with a unique curved front. Ideal for installation in a corner, this sink has a left-facing and right-facing option. Angle has a drip tray to prevent water from dripping on the user, and like the Large, it has wide sides to store items.
  • MATRIX curve: a more traditional looking oval-shaped sink, with a shallow basin and no handrails.

All of our Maryland wheelchair sinks are easy to clean and care for. A non-porous hygienic coating covers the entire surface, including the underside and inside of the handrails, keeping it simple to wipe clean. Our Maryland wheelchair sinks are single pieces with no crevices, thus reducing bacteria in a damp environment.

Whether you’re installing a Maryland wheelchair sink in a hospital, nursing home, or home setting Patient Safety USA will be happy to assist in your decision making process. Get started today! Contact us for more information and a representative will get back to you shortly.

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