Maryland Special needs adult changing tables

Are you a Maryland caregiver looking to install a special needs changing table in your facility? Patient Safety USA’s Maryland special needs changing tables offer a variety of safe patient handling options. With a full range of free standing and wall mounted special needs changing tables, we’re sure to have something to suit your needs.

Special needs changing tables create stable work surfaces for caregivers to tend to patients who require a helper during dressing and changing incontinence aids. Each ergonomically designed special needs changing table is made of easy to clean material, keeping your space hygienic. Height adjustable special needs changing tables reduce risk of injury of both the helper and patient.

Patient Safety USA also supplies accessories to customize your Maryland special needs changing tables. Patients who need assistance bathing will benefit from the optional shower head attachment, as well as the built in drainage system. Safety rails installed on the special needs changing table will help patients feel more secure than ever.

If you regularly work with special needs individuals in Maryland, a special needs changing table is guaranteed to improve your daily routine. Check out our products and contact us today to get started!

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