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Are you a Delaware hospital, nursing home, or nursing home representative looking to install the latest technology in hand dryers? Look no further than Patient Safety USA’s line of Delaware hand dryers. American Dryers puts over 60 years of experience into their hand dryers, creating hygienic, eco-friendly products built to save your Delaware institution money for years to come.

Healthcare facilities across Delaware are always searching for new ways to control the spread of germs*. With auto sensors that activate without touch, Delaware hand dryers are an effective way to make this happen. American Dryer’s Extreme Air Cold Plasma Clean hand dryer goes even further, using plasma to sterilize the air, neutralize odors, and eliminate germs*, all without filters.

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In addition to being hygienic, hand dryers are also a more eco-friendly option for your Delaware healthcare facility. As paper towels cannot be recycled, they not only take up space in landfills but also increase the amount of plastic trash bags used as well. In contrast, hand dryers are a waste-free system. Additionally, the amount of energy used to run a hand dryer is only about 7% of what it takes to make paper towels.

As a high usage location, Delaware Hospitals, Delaware nursing homes and other Delaware healthcare facilities should take advantage of substantial savings that hand dryers offer over paper towels. Hand dryers offer Delaware institutions an effective hand drying experience at just 2% of the cost of supplying paper towels. Consider never having Delaware healthcare facility staff never having to take time to change paper towels or empty full trash cans. Hand dryers save Delaware institutions thousands of dollars annually, and will pay for themselves in a matter of months.

Patient Safety offers medical equipment to hospitals, homecare, nursing homes, assisted living facilities, and rehabilitation facilities in Delaware and additional locations. Contact Us Today to learn more about Delaware hand dryers. Patient Safety USA services other locations in addition to Delaware, so please do not hesitate to reach out to us today at (877) 771-3300 or

“Results reflect average reduction rates based on testing performed by EMSL and ATL using a modified ASTM international Standard E1153. Your results may vary. This product is not designed or intended to clean the air of the entire restroom. This product is not intended to diagnose, cure, mitigate, treat or prevent disease. For more information on CPC Technology, please download the white paper at EPA Establishment Number is 091022-MI-001."

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