Delaware Disabled bathroom

One of the most challenging parts of designing a Delaware disabled bathroom is encompassing both comfort and practicality. That’s why Patient Safety USA is here to help you choose the parts of your unique Delaware disabled bathroom project. We’ve worked alongside countless customers to help achieve their Delaware disabled bathroom goals, in nursing homes, retirement communities, rehabilitation centers, private homes, schools—to name a few. We know you’ll have individualized Delaware disabled bathroom needs, and we’ll be there to help guide you on your project.

Patient Safety USA carries a vast selection of products for use in Delaware disabled bathrooms. For adults who need assistance dressing or bathing, our adult changing tables offer a secure work surface to benefit any Delaware disabled bathroom. Ergonomic comfort meets smart design with these disabled changing tables, keeping both patients and caregivers free from injury. We also supply a full range of wheelchair accessible sinks, with size and shape options to suit your Delaware disabled bathroom. Our shower chairs are also a popular item, offering a safe bathing platform in your Delaware disabled bathroom. For maximum customization, both our wheelchair sinks and shower chairs can be mounted on wall tracks, giving vertical and horizontal freedom to traditionally immobile fixtures. For those looking for small additions to increase safety in a Delaware disabled bathroom, consider implementing a grab bar, handrail, or other bath solution. These items reduce the risk of falls, help users to stand, and assist wheelchair bound users move about the disabled bathroom.

Our highly proficient and experienced team takes pride in crafting modern, functional Delaware disabled bathrooms, that are safe and comfortable. You can always count on Patient Safety USA to back you and your patients by offering top of the line Delaware disabled bathroom products. Interested in learning more? Contact us today or browse our online catalogue to find out how Patient Safety USA can help you get started on your new Delaware disabled bathroom.

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