There are many details to consider when you’re planning any bathroom remodel, but especially when you’re designing for accessibility. Since most modern bathrooms are characterized by tight spaces and bulky appliances, it’s no surprise that bathroom routines can be difficult and frustrating for wheelchair users and their caretakers. Within this space, one of several problem areas for the non-ambulatory is the bathroom sink. Incorporating a wheelchair-accessible sink like the Matrix Medium vanity wash basin (for example, this one with a rotatable faucet (, or one with a touchle ..


Four ways wheelchair-accessible sinks are designed with users in mind For wheelchair users, the most basic and essential daily tasks can prove to be extremely challenging, and most often, the reason has little to do with their mental or physical abilities. The obstacles of navigating spaces around objects and furniture, accessing out-of-reach controls (like light switches and sink faucets, for example), and simply entering rooms and buildings can be uncomfortable and overwhelming. It’s easy for wheelchair users to feel like they live in a world that was not built for them, because most of the time, that’s exactly the case. Awareness of these challenges has grown over the  ..

Choosing A Wheelchair Accessible Bathroom Sink As we become more aware of access issues in our buildings and communities, it's important to consider every detail of accessibility. In this article, we'll focus on bathroom washbasins—specifically on wheelchair sinks that meet or exceed ADA requirements, and how they can make both public and private restrooms safer, more comfortable, and more accessible to many individuals. What Are Wheelchair Accessible Sinks? Wheelchair accessible sinks are bathroom washbasins that have been designed to accommodate users with disabilities or limited mobility. In their most basic form, they meet minimum standards of height, cl ..


Happy New Year! 2017 is officially here, and so is that time of year—when we set New Year’s resolutions we hope to keep beyond the first week of the year. At Patient Safety USA, we’re resolving to do all we can to help our clients stay on track with their 2017 health goals. Resolutions don’t need to be huge commitments; minor changes in daily activities can help form healthy habits. Here are a few suggestions for resolutions you’ll want to keep all year, along with our tips for success. Eating healthier With the plethora of tv dinners available, it can be all too tempting to forgo cooking a nutritious meal. While prepared foods offer unparalleled co ..

Taking the leap to upgrade your healthcare facility with handicapped accessible products can be daunting, leading some to wonder, is it worth it? Here are just a few of the many benefits of installing handicapped patient appliances. Boost Patient Confidence For handicapped patients who require daily assistance, reliance on caregivers can be taxing on morale. As we age, we are constantly seeking ways to maintain our independence. Having the option to use shower chairs, height adjustable countertops, and wheelchair accessible sinks means patients will be able to do more with less help. In shared spaced such as communal kitchens, height adjustable countertops and wheelchair accessible ..

For many handicapped individuals, regular, everyday activities can be a challenge. Sinks and countertops are often positioned at standing height, making it difficult to reach for seated users. Fixtures mounted at seated height benefit wheelchair users, but may inconvenience standing users. As two of the most used rooms, both kitchens and bathrooms can benefit from fluid fixtures that allow safe experiences for both seated and independent users. With safety at the heart of every design, Pressalit has developed products to fill such a need. Each kitchen and bathroom fixture is height adjustable, while remaining sturdy, reliable, and fully functional. Kitchen Safety products for your h ..

If you’re searching for the best new innovations for your healthcare facility, look no further. We’ve compiled a list of some of our favorite products designed for wheelchair users. Here are our top five: Adult changing tables Patients who need assistance bathing and dressing will appreciate ergonomic adult changing tables. These tables were designed with both the caregiver and patient in mind, with optional features like neck support, adjustable height, and water drainage systems for bathing. Short on space? Maximize your space and go for an adult changing table that folds up. With a range of uses, adult changing tables are a necessity when working with disabled or sp ..

SELECT features toilet lifters in both manual and electric models. Each can be combined with support arms, flush buttons and a variety of other equipment which makes toileting easy, safe and hygienic. They have rounded smooth edges and minimize grooves and holes where dirt or bacteria can often linger helping to make sure bathrooms are as hygienic as they are convenient. The toilet seat can be adjusted up or down by a variation of 400mm, even while a patient is seated on it making it comfortable for a variety of heights and needs. The support arms are also adjustable to allow for the perfect fit for each patient. The arms can be customized with toilet paper holders and electric flush but ..

At Patient Safety USA, we strive to help our clients feel safe, comfortable and confident with our products. Why have we chosen Pressalit’s MATRIX line to represent our principles? Here are five reasons we stand by Pressalit wheelchair sinks: Wheelchair Sink is Built to withstand daily use When selecting a wheelchair sink, one of the most important factors is strength and durability. Seated users often rely on their wheelchair sink to wheel their chairs around, stabilize themselves, and sometimes pull themselves to a standing position. It is therefore crucial that the wheelchair sink be capable of supporting high volumes of weight on a daily basis. Pressalit has  ..

For those looking for a wheelchair sink in a smaller space, the MATRIX Curve is great option. With a rounded, more traditional shape, this porcelain wheelchair sink gives users a more familiar experience, still allowing a seated user to fit comfortably beneath the shallow basin. While there are no handrails on this wheelchair sink, the concave front helps stabilize both seated and standing users. The small rounded shape of the wheelchair sink makes it easy to work around for caretakers. ( Curve ( MATRIX Smal ..