Taking the leap to upgrade your healthcare facility with handicapped accessible products can be daunting, leading some to wonder, is it worth it? Here are just a few of the many benefits of installing handicapped patient appliances. Boost Patient Confidence For handicapped patients who require daily assistance, reliance on caregivers can be taxing on morale. As we age, we are constantly seeking ways to maintain our independence. Having the option to use shower chairs, height adjustable countertops, and wheelchair accessible sinks means patients will be able to do more with less help. In shared spaced such as communal kitchens, height adjustable countertops and wheelchair accessible ..


Caregiving is an important job in the healthcare community. Between bathing, dressing, and assisting patients with other aspects of life, caregivers have much to do. We support caregivers and offer several products to make daily assisting tasks easier. Here are a few of our favorites: Shower chairs For elderly or disabled individuals, the bathroom can be a dangerous place. Falls are a real risk when floors are wet and slippery, particularly in the shower area. Bathing alone may be unsafe or even impossible for some patients. Caregivers not only assist when necessary, but are also able to provide immediate emergency care should an injury occur. Shower chairs are an important tool ..

If you’re searching for the best new innovations for your healthcare facility, look no further. We’ve compiled a list of some of our favorite products designed for wheelchair users. Here are our top five: Adult changing tables Patients who need assistance bathing and dressing will appreciate ergonomic adult changing tables. These tables were designed with both the caregiver and patient in mind, with optional features like neck support, adjustable height, and water drainage systems for bathing. Short on space? Maximize your space and go for an adult changing table that folds up. With a range of uses, adult changing tables are a necessity when working with disabled or sp ..

For many who are aging, disabled, or otherwise unable to stand for long periods of time, the task of bathing may be daunting or even dangerous. Shower chairs give the user a place to sit while bathing, allowing for a safe, stress-free experience. With many years of experience in the industry, Patient Safety USA knows there are many shower chair options for both home and professional settings. We are committed to carrying top quality products for our clients. Here are our top five reasons why we feel that Pressalit’s shower chairs are ideal for any application 5. Shower Chair (http://www.patientsafetyusa.com/store/products/shower-chairs) - Full range of options: In toda ..


Pressalit shower chairs are designed with the user in mind. Most of Patient Safety USA’s shower chairs are equipped with tall backrests allowing the user to feel safe, long armrests with non-slip grip for safety in a wet environment, and ergonomically designed seats capable of supporting between 250-600+ pounds, depending on the model. Many models in the shower chair line allow for customization of the backrest, arm rest and seat height to guarantee the most comfortable positioning. Adjustments of each piece are made independently from the others, and are as simple as raising the adjustment lever, sliding the parts of the shower chair into the desired position, and relocking the l ..


Our website has launched!

  • Posted by Jim Hersh

We are very excited that our website has launched! At Patient Safety USA we understand that a patient’s safety is a top priority. Times when patients need to be moved and cannot move themselves can create risk to both patients and caregivers. Our products aim to limit this risk by using innovative technology and comfortable equipment to make patient handling safer. We are distributors for Pressalit Care. We sell safe patient handling equipment for hospitals, nursing homes, rehabilitation hospitals, assisted living facilities, home care and more. Whether you need new ceiling lifts for your rehabilitation hospital or cutting-edge technology for your assisted l ..