Cold Plasma Clean

  • Posted by Jim Hersh

With flu and cold season around the corner, it’s never too early to get thinking about eradication of germs. One of the most obvious ways to do this is by increasing hand washing, especially in hospitals and other healthcare facilities. But have you thought about your hand drying? This could impact your germ control immensely—that is, if you’re using the right dryer. Introducing the Cold Plasma Clean (CPC), the latest in the Extreme Air family for American Dryer, the first hand dryer that works to break down germs as it dries. Cold plasma use for germ killing isn’t exactly a brand new idea. Over the past several years, increasing numbers of hospitals have be ..

Taking the leap to upgrade your healthcare facility with handicapped accessible products can be daunting, leading some to wonder, is it worth it? Here are just a few of the many benefits of installing handicapped patient appliances. Boost Patient Confidence For handicapped patients who require daily assistance, reliance on caregivers can be taxing on morale. As we age, we are constantly seeking ways to maintain our independence. Having the option to use shower chairs, height adjustable countertops, and wheelchair accessible sinks means patients will be able to do more with less help. In shared spaced such as communal kitchens, height adjustable countertops and wheelchair accessible ..

Hospitals, nursing homes, and other healthcare facilities are raving about the Cold Plasma Clean (CPC) Hand Dryer. The latest from American Dryer, the CPC goes above and beyond traditional dryers, making it one of the most unique dryers available. There are many reasons to love the CPC hand dryer—here are our top five: 1. Hygienic beyond compare - Cold Plasma Kills The Germs That Scare Us Most - Cold Plasma Clean (CPC) Hand Dryer. We can’t talk about the Cold Plasma Clean hand dryer (/store/products/cold-plasma-clean-hand-dryers) without talking about its groundbreaking use of cold plasma to do what other hand dryers can’t—actually kill germs*. Nume ..

Patient Safety USA is proud to present Cold Plasma Clean® Hand Dryers by American Dryer. Using a patented Cold Plasma Clean® technology, American Dryer offers the only hand dryer that can kill germs* as it dries. This revolutionary technology will enhance restroom hygiene and is perfect for hospitals, nursing homes and care giving facilities. ExtremeAir Cold Plasma Clean® Hand Dryers use a generator to convert air into cold plasma, which contains positively and negatively charged ions that can kill germ molecules. This process is natural and harmless, as it contains no chemicals and its by-product is pure water vapor. ExtremeAir Hand Dryers are equipped with adjustab ..