Bathroom Grab Bars

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Bathroom Grab Bars: Shower/Toilet Handrails for Elderly & Handicap Safety Shower & Toilet Grab Bars What Are Grab Bars? Grab Bars, also known as safety rails, handrails, shower bars, etc., are secure rails, typically mounted on the wall, ceiling, or floor, to help weakened, disabled, or elderly individuals safely access and navigate rooms and facilities. They come in a range of sizes and capacities, from small, light-duty handles to heavy-duty protruding support arms, fixed handrails to fully adjustable, track-mounted, “flexible” grab bar systems. They can be found around showers, toilets, sinks, changing tables, and any other essential facility ..

This is a new and exciting development. Pressalit Care (http://us.pressalit.com/flexible-solutions-for-kitchens-and-bathrooms) A/S of Denmark, has added CaviCide™ to the web specifications for cleaning of their products. CaviCide™ -cleaning products, produced by Metrex™, effectively disinfect against tuberculosis, HIV-1, HBV, HCV, and even MRSA. This low-alcohol product line is recommended for use in a broad range of healthcare environments, from the ICU and neonatal areas, to long-term healthcare settings, nursing homes and group homes. CaviCide™ is used daily in many US healthcare facilities in their infection control programs. And now we know it can ..

So many of us overlook the need for adult-friendly, accessible bathrooms in public spaces. Yet for millions around the world, a general lack of accessible restrooms poses a real challenge on a daily basis. Public, adult-accessible bathrooms can help to alleviate fear and humiliation – and ensure that everyone has the opportunity to explore the world comfortably. From grocery shopping and posting mail to sightseeing, visiting friends and family, and attending scheduled appointments, everything is easier when accessible bathrooms are clean, easy to find, and ubiquitous. Transforming Lives, One Restroom at a Time Changing Places, a UK-based organization, has made it its missi ..

The holiday season is upon us at last! As we look forward to spending time with friends and family, we all aim to ensure the comfort and safety of our disabled guests wherever possible. Any host or hostess will tell you it can be a challenge accommodating many guests with different needs. That’s why Patient Safety USA carries an excellent selection of portable Pressalit (/brands/pressalit) products designed to make your house accessible without major changes. Check out some of these products to help you relieve worry and enjoy your time with your handicapped visitors. Freestanding Adult Changing Table (/store/products/adult-changing-tables) For many elderly and disabled i ..

Independence in the bathroom can have a major influence on quality of life for the disabled. Bathrooms can be difficult to navigate, with fixtures too high or too low, floors that can get wet and slippery, and limited space for maneuvering. At Patient Safety USA we are proud to be distributors of Pressalit Care bathroom solutions which can help you design an optimized bathroom experience for your patients and caretakers. Pressalit brings state-of-the art approaches to bathroom design. In determining the ultimate bathroom design, it is essential to consider the space available, the space requirements of the users, and the layout that will best serve the intended use. Pressalit Car ..

Taking the leap to upgrade your healthcare facility with handicapped accessible products can be daunting, leading some to wonder, is it worth it? Here are just a few of the many benefits of installing handicapped patient appliances. Boost Patient Confidence For handicapped patients who require daily assistance, reliance on caregivers can be taxing on morale. As we age, we are constantly seeking ways to maintain our independence. Having the option to use shower chairs, height adjustable countertops, and wheelchair accessible sinks means patients will be able to do more with less help. In shared spaced such as communal kitchens, height adjustable countertops and wheelchair accessible ..

For many handicapped individuals, regular, everyday activities can be a challenge. Sinks and countertops are often positioned at standing height, making it difficult to reach for seated users. Fixtures mounted at seated height benefit wheelchair users, but may inconvenience standing users. As two of the most used rooms, both kitchens and bathrooms can benefit from fluid fixtures that allow safe experiences for both seated and independent users. With safety at the heart of every design, Pressalit has developed products to fill such a need. Each kitchen and bathroom fixture is height adjustable, while remaining sturdy, reliable, and fully functional. Kitchen Safety products for your h ..

Hospitals, nursing homes, and other healthcare facilities are raving about the Cold Plasma Clean (CPC) Hand Dryer. The latest from American Dryer, the CPC goes above and beyond traditional dryers, making it one of the most unique dryers available. There are many reasons to love the CPC hand dryer—here are our top five: 1. Hygienic beyond compare - Cold Plasma Kills The Germs That Scare Us Most - Cold Plasma Clean (CPC) Hand Dryer. We can’t talk about the Cold Plasma Clean hand dryer (/store/products/cold-plasma-clean-hand-dryers) without talking about its groundbreaking use of cold plasma to do what other hand dryers can’t—actually kill germs*. Nume ..

Patient Safety USA is proud to present Cold Plasma Clean® Hand Dryers by American Dryer. Using a patented Cold Plasma Clean® technology, American Dryer offers the only hand dryer that can kill germs* as it dries. This revolutionary technology will enhance restroom hygiene and is perfect for hospitals, nursing homes and care giving facilities. ExtremeAir Cold Plasma Clean® Hand Dryers use a generator to convert air into cold plasma, which contains positively and negatively charged ions that can kill germ molecules. This process is natural and harmless, as it contains no chemicals and its by-product is pure water vapor. ExtremeAir Hand Dryers are equipped with adjustab ..

At Patient Safety USA, we strive to help our clients feel safe, comfortable and confident with our products. Why have we chosen Pressalit’s MATRIX line to represent our principles? Here are five reasons we stand by Pressalit wheelchair sinks: Wheelchair Sink is Built to withstand daily use When selecting a wheelchair sink, one of the most important factors is strength and durability. Seated users often rely on their wheelchair sink to wheel their chairs around, stabilize themselves, and sometimes pull themselves to a standing position. It is therefore crucial that the wheelchair sink be capable of supporting high volumes of weight on a daily basis. Pressalit has  ..