Patient Safety USA is proud to present Cold Plasma Clean® Hand Dryers by American Dryer. Using a patented Cold Plasma Clean® technology, American Dryer offers the only hand dryer that can kill germs* as it dries. This revolutionary technology will enhance restroom hygiene and is perfect for hospitals, nursing homes and care giving facilities.

ExtremeAir Cold Plasma Clean® Hand Dryers use a generator to convert air into cold plasma, which contains positively and negatively charged ions that can kill germ molecules. This process is natural and harmless, as it contains no chemicals and its by-product is pure water vapor.

ExtremeAir Hand Dryers are equipped with adjustable sound and speed settings, and dry hands in just 10-15 seconds. While proper hand washing is essential for all hospitals, nursing homes and facilities, the added power of Cold Plasma Clean® offers one of the most effective overall hygiene solution by eliminating the spread of germs.

CPC technology is proven by leading microbiology labs to help kill E. coli, Salmonella, Influenza A, Staph, C. diff and MRSA and goes beyond traditional HEPA filtration, which doesn’t kill germs but merely traps them inside the dryer (Learn More). This safe and effective hygienic solution has been used to improve air quality in commercial buildings since the 1930s and, more recently, has been used to treat surgical incisions in the medical industry. Watch a video about this product here: CPC Hand Dryer Video

ExtremeAir Hand Dryers entail no maintenance costs and are energy-efficient as well, using 80-90% less energy and providing up to 98% cost savings as compared with paper towels. Let’s keep our environment healthy, save money, and improve restroom hygiene by switching to American Dryer’s ExtremeAir Cold Plasma Clean® Hand Dryers!

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"*Results reflect average reduction rates based on testing performed by EMSL and ATL using a modified ASTM international Standard E1153. Your results may vary. This product is not designed or intended to clean the air of the entire restroom. This product is not intended to diagnose, cure, mitigate, treat or prevent disease. For more information on CPC Technology, please download the white paper at EPA Establishment Number is 091022-MI-001." -