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Grab Bars & Bath Solutions

Patient Safety USA’s Products serve to protect patients and empower their independence. Falls are one of the leading causes of injury and even death to the elderly and disabled in America. However, with simple modifications to a patient or resident’s environment, the risk of fall can be greatly reduced. Grab bars and handrails can provide safety and support while patients navigate their environment. With balance and support assistance from handrails, patients can have more independence and freedom while they conduct their activities of daily living.

Bathrooms can be particularly difficult for patients to safely navigate and utilize. Often they consist of small spaces and difficult angles to maneuver. Wet surfaces and the potential for slippery floors can prove difficult to safely maneuver.

Patient safety offers its customers the best in bathroom modification solutions from Pressalit, a leader in the industry. Pressalit’s bathroom solutions are flexible, intuitive and space efficient. Whether a resident is ambulatory or wheelchair bound, our Pressalit products can be adjusted to suit their needs. With adjustable handrails, wash basins, toilets, showers and more, we can help you outfit every bathroom in your facility to make it accessible and user-friendly for any patient’s needs.

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