As caregivers, we know that patient handling doesn’t come without its risks. This is especially true when swapping out patient clothing or linens on adult changing tables. At Patient Safety USA, we value patient and caregiver safety equally, and strive to make handling your patients as easy and comfortable as possible for both parties. At Patient Safety USA, we offer adult changing tables, special needs changing tables, hospital changing tables, disabled changing tables, and elderly persons changing tables.

Patient Safety USA offers a wide-array of adult changing tables that have different features that can be customized to fit your specific needs. In the list below, we will explore some of the major features that separate one adult changing table from the next, so that you can hone in on the best adult changing table for your home or business:

1. Foldable Adult Changing Tables

Caregivers have the option of purchasing power-folding adult changing tables or manual-folding adult changing tables, both of which are equipped with pneumatic cylinders that are integrated in the folding joints for quiet and smooth operation.

Foldable adult changing tables provide an equally durable changing station, but can be safely and easily stowed away when not in use. Non-folding adult changing tables are commonly used in hospitals and caregiving facilities where space is not usually an issue, and are best suited for constant use.

2. Adult Changing Tables - Height Adjustable vs. Fixed Height

Electrically height-adjustable adult changing tables are extremely beneficial in the care of disabled and elderly patients. With height-adjusted adult changing tables, caregivers can easily raise and lower the changing platform, creating a safer space for patients and minimizing the risk of injury for caregivers during transfers.

If a height-adjustable adult changing table doesn’t seem right for you, fixed height adult changing tables offer a great alternative and are perfect for patients who pose little to no risk of injuring themselves or the caregiver when getting on and off the table.

3. Adult Changing Tables - Safety Rail

Safety rails can be the difference between keeping your patient safe on the table or injured on the ground. This additional safety feature can be added to both folding and non-folding units, and proves critical in minimizing risk to both your patient and caregivers. We highly encourage our customers to inquire about units that include safety rails to add an extra layer of security.

4. Adult Changing Tables - Sanitary Appliances

Caregivers are also given the option of choosing an adult changing table equipped with special needs sanitary appliances such as washing stations with hot and cold taps, splashing curtains to protect the caregiver against splashing, water collection trays, and more. For a complete list of other sanitary appliance options, please consult with a Patient Safety USA representative.

At Patient Safety USA, we recognize that every industry, every home, and every caregiving facility is different, and thus requires different functionality for their adult changing tables. A changing table should not only be a safe space for your patients, but a comfortable space as well. Let us help you find the perfect adult changing table for your business. We offer adult changing tables, special needs changing tables, hospital changing tables, disabled changing tables, and elderly persons changing tables.

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